geometr 0.3.0 - fast visuals Unreleased

  • revise visualise and all its’ helpers to make plotting faster.

geometr 0.2.11 Unreleased

  • include SpatRaster support
  • exclude objects of other packages and instead reconstruct them with gc_* functions of geometr.
  • fix a bug that would not allow zooming

geoemtr 0.2.10 2021-09-20

  • include ungroup argument in gt_pull
  • revise crs-management of sp

geoemtr 0.2.9 2021-08-03

  • revise documentation of setTheme in an effort to make it more accessible.
  • include rounding of legend tick labels

geometr 0.2.8 2021-03-30

  • gs_point now allows to create an empty geom that contains only “window” information.
  • visualise can now plot empty geoms, making use of their “window” information, to create an empty surface for sketching.
  • the option to use a template has been removed from all gs_* functions. The new workflow to sketch geoms is now either via an already open plot, or via a sketching surface (see above changes).
  • the window slot now only contains the lower left and upper right corner, instead of each coordinate of the rectangle.
  • removed function gt_sketch, as it is redundant.

geometr 0.2.7 Unreleased

  • included the @extent-slot for faster processing of large objects where it takes long to find min/max values of coordinates.
  • getRes now returns a vector, instead of a tibble
  • getLayers now returns all layers in a list (no subsetting more possible)
  • getGroups now returns for RasterLayers without a raster attribute table (RAT) an empty tibble.
  • gc_geom now only adds groups to the group attribute table in case the input raster actually contains a RAT.
  • print-method of gtTheme has been beautified (it now also shows whether an attribute is scaled to some parameter)
  • In case an object doesn’t have any provenance information, getHistory now prints that this object has been loaded from memory.
  • all spatstat getters/setters (for class ppp) have been removed temporarily.

geometr 0.2.6 Unreleased

  • identifying and setting groups in gridded geoms has been refined. Several layers are by default stacked, but it is now also possible to create a list of separate geoms per layer with gc_geom(..., stack = FALSE).
  • "images" are now handled by being able to create a grid geom with hexadecimal values by setting gc_geom(..., as_hex = TRUE).
  • subsetting has been moved out of the respective getters into gt_filter(), it also includes subsetting x and y values of the vertices.
  • pulling columns can now be done with gt_pull().
  • new getters getCols(), getRows() and getNames().
  • removed the @scale-slot from from the geom class, because it is no longer needed.
  • visualise() has been revised so that it fully supports plotting all geometric classes that have getters defined.
  • all previously existing gt_*() functions were revised so that they too support all geometric classes that have getters defined.
  • some code adaptions that come with those changes.

geometr 0.2.5 2020-07-14

  • remove ‘tiny map’ from print method of grid geom
  • allow specification of ‘precision’ for getRes()

geometr 0.2.4 2020-03-30

  • rewrite setPoints(), setFeatures() and setGroups() so that new tables can only be set via joining by the primary key (fid, fid and gid respectively).

geometr 0.2.3 Unreleased

  • gtTheme now contains a separate slot for all information that relate to the colour scale of values and the legend.
  • accordingly, all functions that deal with that information were adapted.
  • other minor bug-fixes

geometr 0.2.2 Unreleased

  • included a faster method to determine IDs of paths and sub-paths of grobs when plotting.
  • getLayer() also for sf and Spatial objects.

geometr 0.2.1 Unreleased

  • incl. group information in geom show-method
  • implemented more efficient routine for extracting features and points from sf-objects
  • when setting a new features/groups table on a geom, the old respective table is overwritten from now on.
  • a gtTheme now also supports a “missing colour” that will be assigned to NA-values when a quick-option is used in visualise()
  • other minor bug-fixes

geometr 0.2.0 - grid update Unreleased

This update introduces the geom type ‘grid’, which is meant to store raster data. It stores as @point slot a compact version that gives (in both x and y dimension) the three values origin, number of cells and cell distance/resolution. It stores values in run-length encoding (rle) (if that is smaller than non-compressed). The @feature slot of a grid geom can contain any number of tables that would correspond to layers in a raster. It can store in the @group slot an attribute table per each of the layers.

The following functions have been modified:

  • gc_geom() now has a method to convert Raster objects to grid geoms.
  • get/setTable(x, slot = "point") has been moved to get/setPoints(x)
  • get/setTable(x, slot = "feat") has been moved to get/setFeatures(x)
  • get/setTable(x, slot = "group") has been moved to get/setGroups(x)
  • getPoints() for grid geoms extracts the compacted @points slot into the interoperable table this getter is supposed to hand out.
  • getFeatures() for grid geoms reconstructs fid for points and extracts rle tables, if they exist.
  • makeObject() is not a generic anymore but is now a function based on getters. That means that any class that has the respective getters defined, can be plotted with visualise() (which includes now sf and sp objects).
  • getSubset() has been integrated into the respective getters, i.e., to get a subset of points, use getPoints(x, fid == 1), etc.

The following functions are new:

  • gc_raster() to transform a grid geom to an object of class Raster*.
  • getRes() to get the resolution of a gridded object.
  • getLayer() to extract layers from an object that has layers.

geometr 0.1.1 2019-10-16

  • fix vertex checks also for polygons when they are created via gs_sketch().

geometr 0.1.0 Unreleased

  • initial release