This function creates a random geometry

gs_random(type = "point", window = NULL, vertices = NULL)



Either one of the three main feature types "point", "line" or "polygon", "random", or more specifically one of their subtypes, e.g. "hexagon" (subtypes currently not yet supported).


in case the reference window deviates from the bounding box [0, 1] (minimum and maximum values), specify this here.


the number of vertices the geometry should have; only meaningful if type does not indicate the number of vertices already. If left at NULL the minimum number of vertices for the geom type, i.e. 1 for point, 2 for line and 3 for polygon.


A geom.

See also

Other geometry shapes: gs_line(), gs_point(), gs_polygon()


# create a random polygon with five vertices
someGeom <- gs_random(type = "polygon", vertices = 5)
visualise(geom = someGeom)

# in case template is given, this serves as source for the window extent
visualise(geom = gs_random(), new = FALSE, linecol = "red")